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Your Complex Clean & Green All Year

We offer it all year round. In the snow, rain, and blazing heat Animal Doodies will be out there cleaning you yard. This makes sure that even in all these diffent weather conditions your complexes yard is always poop free.

100% Satisfaction Guranteed

Our #1 rule for our services is to make sure you always have a clean yard. That is why we have a 100% Satisfaction Guranteed promise behind our services. For some reason if you are not satisfied with the clean up, the services will be free of charge.

Schedule to meet you needs!

At Animal Doodies we are very flexible with your needs. For our services we offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly services, and one time services. And for some reason you have a crazy request, we wil make sure we fit you right in with our schedule. So don't worry and fill out our contact form right now! We wil be with you shortly!

Professional Staff with Labled Shirts

One way you'll know it us, if you look at our shirts. We'll have shirts on with the words Animal Doodies on the front. This is a saftey precuation that we go through, so you don't have a random person walking into your back yard.